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Spėjama, kad čia buvusi Lietuvos valdovo Mindaugo pilis. Visas šioms subpozicijoms priskiriamas salyklas pasižymi miltingu, baltu, trapiu branduoliu.

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Šios rinkmenos panaudojimas kitur Public domainPublic domainfalsefalse This photograph is in the public domain in Japan because its copyright has expired according to Article 23 of the Copyright Act of Japan English translation and Article 2 of Supplemental Provisions of Copyright Act of This is when the photograph meets one of the following conditions: It was published before January 1, It was photographed before January 1, It is also in the public domain in the United States because its copyright in Japan expired by and was not restored by the Uruguay Round Agreements Act.

To uploader: Please provide the source and publication date. If the photograph was also published in the United States within 30 days after publication in Japan, it might be copyrighted.

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If the copyright has not expired in the U. S, this file will be deleted. See Commons:Hirtle chart. This template should not be used for a faithful photographic reproduction of an artwork.

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Under Article 23 of the former Copyright Act, its protection will be consistent with the artwork.