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The air condition unit in our room was not working on an extremely hot day. Australijos online dating atsiliepimai guy was off work at 4pm with no one else to look for.

Nonchalant attitude from the recep a guy who gave no other suggestions to help with the situation.

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He just kept saying that there is nothing he can do as the maintenance guy is off work. It was only until 7pm in the evening where we were offered ONE standing fan upon multiple requests.

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Was told the management will contact me to follow up but till date, nothing heard. Apžvelgta 28 lapkričio Dear AlvinaFirstly allow me to apologize foe the disappointment and inconvenience you experienced.

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I am not going to make excuses for where we were found wanting. As the General Manager I accept full responsibility for our guests comfort and security. However I would like to appeal to your impressions in terms of were we come from in terms of attitude. We obviously failed in communicating what we were attempting to do in rectifying your air con issues and I am sorry for leaving you with the impression we were pažintys mano rajone focused on your concerns.

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I want to assure you we are committed to ensuring our service culture is consistent with out guests expectations. I truly believe your regretful experience is one of exception. Our Food and Beverage Manager did his best to find a solution but we were subject to a technical challenge that we could not resolve on the night.

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