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Dar nesate subrendęs? Daugelis vyrų mokėjo pasidaryti roges, kubilus ar kitus rakandus. Nakvynė viešbutyje Sidnėjuje.

Project Descriptions in Latvian Project Descriptions in Lithuanian September Wherever you are in Vilnius, you can just choose to travel in the direction of Kurzeme and look for the opportunity to visit all of the Latvian-Lithuanian border regions starting from Utena and Latgale in the East and finishing in Klaipeda and Kurzeme in the West.

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The publicity signs of the European Union and Latvia-Lithuania Programme will lead you during the journey and will invite you to stop off and to stay for a while in order to take a look at common input into the growth of the Latvian-Lithuanian border region.

We hope this brochure will give you an animal crossing kaimiečiai pažintys to appreciate the positive changes in cooperation influenced by the Latvia and Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation programme, including the ideas generated, works undertaken and kačių pažintys aprašymą and that you will benefit from the common ideals. Each year cross border cooperation between Lithuania and Latvia is maturing and the countries are becoming closer.

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It is especially gratifying to have special instruments to support cooperation activities such as the Joint Programme under the European Territorial Cooperation Objective. Team of Regional Policy Department Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania Through the exchanges of ideas and by working towards common goals under the Latvia and Lithuania Cross Border Cooperation programme, the neighbours are becoming closer.

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Sometimes cooperation is the only way to resolve a problem when dealing with issues on the borders or without borders, such as the pollution of a river or accessibility to public health services, common fire and rescue services, and ensuring a safe environment for the residents of the Latvian-Lithuanian border region. This requires people to work together. In this way, local and regional institutions, public institutions working in education and research, business support, environmental and other levels have the possibility to learn from each other and to deal with common challenges and find common solutions.

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